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I found a site that I believe every believer should be a member of, especially today as we see more and more persecution of Christians throughout the world.

For the first time you can get an e-mail address that offers total encrypted security (if both parties are members). It is called Hushmail. It is just like the other Web based e-mail sites except for having total security of your communications. With this FREE service Pastors can counsel their members and know that the advice and problems shared are secret and will remain secret. Church leaders can correspond about important issues and also know their messages are completly secure. Missionaries can talk freely about mission needs in total privacy. Business owners can correspond with anywhere in the world without giving away trade secrets.


You must have a Java enabled browser and the person you e-mail must be a member of the service. Please read the FAQ and the many write-ups in national media about this service. Click secure e-mail.